Are You Brushing Properly?

Always Follow These Guidelines!

Everyday brushing (and flossing) is a critical part of a proper dental hygiene routine. But despite the fact that most people don’t go a day without brushing their teeth, not everyone is brushing exactly how they should be. Have you been brushing the right way all along?

A dentist-approved brushing routine consists of:

  1. Brushing at least twice a day.
    People should be brushing at least twice a day, not once. The more frequently you can remove food debris and bacteria from the teeth (especially sugars and carbohydrates), the lower your risk for decay development.
  2. Brushing for at least two minutes each time.
    Brush for at least 120 seconds every time to ensure your mouth is getting an effective clean. You can count, use a timer, or brush during two minutes of your favourite tune… however you want to do it, just make sure you’re spending enough time cleaning those chompers!
  3. Brushing gently/ with a soft bristled toothbrush.
    While scrubbing eagerly might feel like you’re giving your teeth a more productive clean, you’re doing more harm than good. Aggressive brushing or using a toothbrush with hard bristles can wear at the tooth enamel and recede the gums… both issues we definitely want to stay away from. Gentle love can get the job done just as well!
  4. Paying attention to every surface of every tooth.
    Some surfaces of the teeth can be easy to miss, especially if they’re at the back of the mouth, or hard to reach or access. Remember to spend time brushing every single tooth and surface, or decay can easily creep up on those areas.
  5. Cleaning that tongue, too!
    Think of your tongue as a bacteria-collecting carpet, because in essence, it really is. Brush your tongue or use a tongue scraper, bringing it from the back to the front to remove smelly bacteria that really doesn’t need to be hanging out in your mouth.

Well, there you have it! Have you been brushing like a pro, or could you use some “brushing up” on your routine?

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