Restorative Dentistry

Why might your teeth need restorative dentistry?

The mouth is a harsh environment, and teeth are prone to several mishaps including:


Cavities: Also known as dental caries, “cavities” occur when acids produced by oral bacteria slowly destroy the mineral structure of enamel and dentin, the two main “building blocks” of teeth. The resulting area of diseased tooth structure is removed and often restored with a “filling” or other type of restoration.


Trauma: Teeth take a beating! In addition to the stresses placed on teeth from everyday biting and chewing, there are many possible causes of tooth injury such as slip and fall, car accidents, and sports injuries. Thankfully, the majority of these conditions can be repaired, and the affected tooth can be restored to a state of proper anatomy and function.


Erosion: Acids contained in certain foods, commonly citrus fruits and carbonated beverages, can gradually erode away tooth structure, leaving deficiencies that require restoration. Erosion is also commonly found in patients with gastric reflux or in bulimics – in these cases, stomach acid is to blame for the erosion.


Attrition: Habitual grinding or clenching will often result in wearing down of the teeth. In extreme cases, major restorative treatment involving multiple crowns is required to rebuild the teeth to the proper aesthetic and functional occlusion.


Abrasion: Many people brush too aggressively! Over time, an overly aggressive brushing technique can cause tooth enamel to wear away from the teeth, usually along the gum line. The resulting worn areas are best restored to protect against further damage to tooth structure and to reduce sensitivity.

First Visit

Your first visit will be a comprehensive exam and consultation. During the visit, you can expect:

  • Evaluation of the teeth
  • Evaluation of gum and bone health
  • Dental X-Rays
  • Diagnostic Photos
  • Oral cancer screening

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