Bad Breath Got Your Tongue?

Bad Breath Got Your Tongue?

Say “Buh-bye” to Halitosis

Do you suffer from smelly breath?

A common oral problem, bad breath (or halitosis) can cause us to become embarrassed and self-conscious about getting too close to others. Luckily, by simply determining the cause or causes of your halitosis issue, you can then take the right actions to prevent it from continuing. That’s right… you won’t need to depend on a pack of emergency mints (that is, unless you really enjoy that minty-fresh feel).

What Could Be Causing My Bad Breath?

  1. Poor oral care.
    If you aren’t brushing for at least 120 seconds total each day, or flossing at least once a day either, you may want to re-think your oral care routine. (And don’t forget to brush or scrape your tongue… a bacteria-filled tongue is a huge bad breath causer). An insufficient oral care routine can be a definite contributor to smelly breath and can so easily be controlled with some adjustments to at-home care.Alternatively, if you’ve been putting off your routine cleaning appointments with the hygienist, this could be another reason why you can’t seem to rid of the breath odor. When plaque and tartar builds up around the teeth and gums, you’d better believe it’s going to smell bad! Make an appointment right away if this sounds like you.
  2. Certain foods/ beverages.
    Foods like onions, garlic and fish are notorious for causing bad breath. If you’re going to be up to something later on where you might not exactly want to be sporting a stinky mouth, say “no” to that shawarma and “yes” to something else. And, of course, certain beverages such as coffee will lead to an unpleasant mouth odor.
  3. Using tobacco.
    Smoking or chewing tobacco is a major culprit of bad breath. Smoke or tobacco particles tend to linger on the breath, and let’s face it they don’t smell too great. Smoking or chewing tobacco also contributes to dry mouth; creating an oral environment that is particularly smelly bacteria-friendly. Quitting your relationship with tobacco altogether will certainly resolve this problem.
  4. Dry mouth, or other medical issues.
    Certain medications, or health issues like diabetes or kidney disease, are known to contribute to dry mouth, which leads to bad breath. Other conditions like gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, create an acidic environment in the mouth which also leads to bad breath. Talk to your doctor or dentist about ways you can manage bad breath caused by a health condition.

When the halitosis persists…

If you’re noticing that your bad breath problem won’t seem to go away despite making the right changes, it may be time to see the dentist. Our downtown Toronto dentist can help you to find the culprit of your bad breath… all you need to do is book a visit with us!