There’s So Much to Love about Digital X-Rays

There’s So Much to Love about Digital X-Rays

Here’s why Bite Dental Chooses Digital

X-ray imaging is a crucial part of dentistry. Without this technology, dental professionals wouldn’t be able to detect certain oral complications not visible to the eye. X-ray photos can detect oral irregularities such as decay, tumors, bone loss, abscesses and cysts.

Bite Dental uses digital x-ray imaging on patients, and we like it that way. While traditional film-based X-rays are still helpful and used by some clinics today, we believe that nothing compares to the unique benefits digital radiography provides.

So, what’s the deal? What’s so great about digital X-rays? We’ve got the scoop.

  • Digital radiography is kinder to the environment
    Hooray for all things eco-friendly! With digital, no film needs to be developed which means there is also no disposal of waste and hash chemicals into our environment. In addition to this, there is no paper use needed for digital X-rays, as images can be easily stored under a patient’s digital file (which can then be opened again at any time).
  • It’s also kinder to our patients, and our staff
    Digital radiography uses about 90% less radiation than film-based radiography so it’s generally much safer. The amounts of radiation exposure a patient gets is actually accumulated by the body over time, so the less exposure patients get in general, the better. This is something we can all really smile about!
  • It saves us time, and money
    With digital, no one needs to wait around for film to develop which, in some cases, could take quite a while. Ain’t nobody got time for that’s in 2016! Plus, digital is far more cost-effective than film-based imaging, since there is no need to spend money on waste disposal or paper.

Our Toronto Clinic Loves Digital

In addition to these awesome benefits, digital X-rays produce extremely high quality images which can also be visually adjusted in a variety of different ways to the dentist’s or patient’s liking. There’s really so much to love about going digital in the dental office. Don’t you agree?

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