Have You Been Forgetting to Brush or Scrape Your Tongue?…

Here Are Three Good Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Tongue Daily

Do you clean your tongue every time you brush and floss?

While a person’s daily brushing and flossing game may be “on fleek”, it’ll never be up to standard if there’s no tongue cleaning involved!

We’ve got three top reasons as to why a daily tongue cleaning regimen is so worth the extra 5 or 10 seconds a day:

  1. You’ll have pristine oral health.
    By brushing or scraping your tongue every time you brush and floss, you’ll be ensuring your mouth is the cleanest it could possibly be! You can think of your tongue as a carpet full of nasty bacteria. By forgetting to clean this especially dirty area, your mouth will still contain a considerable amount of bacteria regardless of how well you brushed or flossed.
  2. You’ll be preventing stinky breath.
    No one likes a bad case of halitosis – and since the tongue is the optimal breeding ground for smelly bacteria to fester, it’s actually a top contributor to bad breath. Cleaning the tongue thoroughly is an excellent way to help ensure fresh breath!
  3. Food can taste so much better.
    Did you know that by cleaning the tongue regularly, this can allow you to experience and taste flavours more efficiently? It’s true… and our Toronto dentist can attest to that! Clearing the bacterial mucus off of the tongue is freeing to the taste buds, which allows them to perform the way they should… allowing you to taste all of the wonderful flavours of food.

How Can I Effectively Clean My Tongue?

To properly clean the tongue, take your toothbrush bristles and drag them from the back areas of the tongue to the front (not the other way around!). Alternatively, you can use a tongue scraper designed specifically for the job. These devices are often made of plastic or stainless steel and can typically be purchased at a local drugstore. In fact, we think a tongue scraper to be more effective at cleaning the tongue compared to using a toothbrush.

If your daily oral hygiene routine already includes tongue cleaning, give yourself a pat on the back! If not, we hope we’ve been able to provide you with enough good reason to start. We’re always promoting a clean tongue for optimal oral health and fresh breath!