My Oral Health is Perfect… Why Should I See the Dentist?

Believe Us, There’s a Multitude of Reasons Why…

When a person’s at-home oral care routine is down to a tee, they may not think that a visit with their dentist is necessary at all. Great looking smile, no pain, no discomfort… why would a patient like this need to make a dental appointment? Well, if a person is due for a check-up and cleaning (should typically happen every 6 months), then this is a great reason why they should book that visit!

Here’s a more in-depth explanation about how a person is ensuring their oral health by making a routine visit to the dentist’s:


Even with a proper daily oral hygiene routine (brushing twice for two minutes, flossing once a day), plaque still accumulates on the teeth over time – and it can only be properly removed by a professional. The dental hygienist uses special tools to scale, plane and finally polish the teeth, leaving them smooth and clean as a whistle. This routine cleaning is also necessary to maintain excellent gum health… so step aside, periodontal disease!


In addition to the plaque lurking below the gum line, a patient may be developing decay in hard-to-reach areas of the teeth, or in deep pits and fissures (grooves). A dental professional will be able to detect early decay through observation and by using certain instruments. Sometimes an X-ray is necessary in order to catch less-than-obvious areas of concern.


Through a professional examination that may include an X-ray, a professional is able to identify any oral problems that would only become worse without treatment. Other than detecting potential tooth decay, the dentist is also making sure that any existing fillings are still in good shape, the teeth are strong and free of fracture, the teeth/roots are not being negatively impacted by neighboring teeth, the bite is healthy, and more.

Still think you’re better off without the dentist?

If the last time you’ve seen the dentist has been longer than 6 months, or if you think you may have a dental dilemma on your hands… contact our downtown Toronto dentist today!