The Wonderful World of Restorative Dentistry

The Wonderful World of Restorative Dentistry

We Can Fix It!

What would we do without restorative dentistry?!

Our teeth play a vital role in our lives. They help us to chew and digest our food, help us to speak and allow us to flash a beautiful smile with confidence. So what happens when a person experiences tooth decay, a chip or break or a completely knocked out tooth? (Because, let’s face it, something’s bound to happen to all of us in our lives).

When it’s time to restores¦

There are a number of different dental treatments, all offered by our Toronto dentist, that are performed to restore teeth back to their optimal function and appearance. It all depends on what kind of problem a person is experiencing with their tooth. Below are just some of the restorative dental procedures we offer at Bite Dental:

  1. Tooth-coloured fillings (composite resin)
    Composite resin material is used today to fill cavities or build up areas of the tooth with missing structure. Because the material can be made to closely match the natural shade of the patient’s tooth, and also have the ability to last for many years, tooth-coloured filling material is the perfect choice for many.
  2. Inlays and Onlays
    When a larger area of tooth structure requires restoration, inlays and onlays are a great choice. These restorations are not placed immediately like fillings are, but require impressions to be taken and are then constructed in a lab for placement at a later date. Inlays and onlays are very strong and durable.
  3. Crowns
    Crowns are essentially tooth caps that are used to strengthen and restore a tooth with a lot of structure missing. They resemble the natural shape and colour of a tooth and blend seamlessly with a person’s smile. Crowns are often used on teeth that have received root canal therapy to ensure that the tooth does not experience future damage.
  4. Dental implants
    Dental implants are an excellent solution to replace missing teeth, as the implant merges with the jaw bone like a real tooth root to ensure stability. Dental implants function just like natural teeth and many patients can’t feel any significant difference between a dental implant and a natural tooth!