Why We Use the Amazing Intra Oral Camera

Why We Use the Amazing Intra Oral Camera

Take a closer look…

What’s the intra oral camera, and what’s so great about it?

Well, there are many benefits to the intraoral camera with one advantage being enhanced patient education.

The intra oral camera explained

An intra oral camera is a handheld pen-resembling device with a tiny camera attached at its end. This tiny tool allows our Toronto dentist or hygienist to go into the patient’s mouth and take a number of close-up images from different areas that are displayed on a screen next to the chair. An intra oral camera provides the patient and dental professional with an improved dental experience, as the patient is able to gain a better understanding of what exactly is going on in their mouth with the visuals that the camera is able to capture. These images can also be magnified so that even the minutest details can be displayed!

The intra oral camera is able to detect:

  • Tiny cracks in the teeth
    Some cracks in the teeth are so tiny that they aren’t a cause for concern, but may be a cosmetic problem for the patient if they are noticeable. These cracks are called craze line’s, and are very common! Other types of cracks that are more extensive can be a cause for concern in which the dentist will further examine and treat if necessary.
  • Tiny cavities or areas of demineralization
    The intra oral camera can detect tiny areas of demineralization, or small cavities that require attention before they become a bigger problem.
  • Plaque build-up
    The camera can visualize areas of plaque build-up, which can be helpful in letting the patient know which areas they should be paying more attention to with their tooth brush and floss.
  • Fillings that require repair
    When a dental filling is showing signs of wear, has chipped or is experiencing some neighboring decay, the intra oral camera can visualize this issue.
  • …and more!

The next time you come in to visit us, check out our intra oral cameras¦ and get to know your teeth, up close and personal!